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Dear CEO Letters

Dear CEO Letters

Over the last year the FCA has published a 12 Dear CEO Letters, relating to the broker community:   6th January 2020 - Culture in Financial Services 3rd September 2020 - Persistent Debt 27th February 2020 - Preparing for the End of LIBOR 31st March 2020 - Retail Investors and Coronavirus 15th April 2020 - Lending to Small Businesses 15th April 2020 - Insuring SMEs 28th April 2020 - Ensuring Fair Treatment of Corporate Customers Preparing to Raise Equity Finance 24th July 2020 - Inappropriate use of TTCAs 12th August 2020 - Preventing Client Harm 18th September 2020 - Business Interruption Insurance 30th September 2020 - Adequate Client Money Arrangements 30th September 2020 - Adequate Client Assets Arrangements    

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