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Position Wanted – Account Management or Operations

Executive summary

● 25 years of experience in the post trading environment, change management, client management and operations;
● Drove client experience and satisfaction initiatives, while building and maintaining excellent long term client relationships during 13 years of client management of Tier 1 Global Custodian banks, Tier 1, 2 and 3 broker/dealers, asset managers and investment banks;
● Engaged in the development of a new custody operating model for a mid size Danish bank, designed for enhanced interoperability and automation of client processes while proactively managing future state requirements arising from the client’s ever-evolving business requirements and upcoming regulations such as Settlement Discipline (CSDR) or SRDII;
● Increased the custody client base of a large international bank by 40% within 2 years, and increased the cross-sales pipeline by 20%;
● Developed and managed the custody revenue and cost governance framework of a large international bank ensuring the correct pricing of deals and appropriate tracking of the Cost-Income-Ratio to no more than 65%;
● Driving sales and profitability management by ensuring long-term profitability of client relationships; organic business growth, cross-selling of new markets to existing clients; pricing of new and additional business opportunities for existing clients; and conducting fee negotiations;
● Introduction of new business partnerships which led to an increase of the client base by 30%;
● Managed client due diligence visits, in person or online, including analysis of client MIS and KPI data;
● Applied the client MIS / KPI data to generate service improvements such as increasing their processing rate and decreasing costs by EUR 100k p.a.;
● Developed and drove client satisfaction and development plans using KPI data, action logs and change  logs as well as client feedback received during ad-hoc communication and regular due diligence visits, managed the client satisfaction improvement plans until completion;
● Acted as one point of contact for clients and managed queries related to operations, onboarding (KYC), product development, risk management across multiple geographies for the custody clients of a large international bank, including offering technical support and advice in regards to solution modelling and choosing the best service for the client out of the suite of services offered by the bank;
● Reviewed existent pricing structures and implemented new, more efficient models such as consolidated pricing, which encouraged clients to increase the organic business volume;
● Drove in-depth reviews of existing clients’ business and made recommendations to improve and simplify processes such as post trade bookings, billing, legal requirements and risk management;
● Maintained in-depth knowledge of the client’s business, objectives, goals and market challenges, acted as clients’ consultant and advised them on appropriate solutions which allowed them to achieve their long term goals and the long term goals of their clients;
● Managed client related risk management items such as overseeing the client’s daily activity and escalating any possible issues to the risk management and compliance departments, and worked with the risk management department to find appropriate liquidity solutions for each client and thus managing the bank’s exposure and protecting the bank’s balance sheet;
● Ensured collaboration with other teams aimed at improving the way we serve clients through constant internal communication and managing the weekly global client servicing call which included the operations, client services, product development, asset servicing, tax, billing and reporting teams;
● Encouraged collaboration and sharing of ideas among staff located in different locations globally and mentored talent through either long standing mentorship or job shadowing.