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The future of regulation 2022: From innovation to execution – FINEXTRA Research

The future of regulation 2022: From innovation to execution – FINEXTRA Research

"The fire for innovation in financial services has long been raging and regulators, having transformed their modus operandi to keep pace with the force of technological change, are carefully approaching their role in the great rewiring of the financial system. The fear once invoked by terms like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, or data sharing, has been relegated to the past, and the role of technology in the future of financial services is now accepted as being intrinsic to its success. This unbridling is also becoming apparent in the burgeoning appetite for decentralised finance offerings by retail and institutional investors. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) inject another layer into this mix, as central banks and governments carefully weigh up the advantages and risks of diving straight into the opportunity they present. Regulators are caught in the middle of these rapidly evolving trends and forces, attempting to stay the regulatory course by ensuring stability and security, while also motivated to remain at the forefront of this technology. Resilience has never been a more important focus for regulators, who are shifting responsibility directly onto market players to ensure strength across intertwined systems."

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